Welcome! Project’44 is a online web map (Beta) that will let you explore the Battle of Normandy. A dedicated team of volunteers have spent over a year in digitally preserving historical documents and mapping out the Allied advance. With the war diaries of the First Canadian Army on hand you will be able to follow along and discover the sacrifice that was made in summer of 1944.

Launching for the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Normandy was not the end of our project rather the beginning and over the next several months we will be performing updates to the look and functionalities as well we will be uploading hundreds of rare documents and map that will offer new perspective into the Canadians contribution to the invasion and in land campaign.

The team would like to thank all of the content contributors and partners that have support this initiate from the start. And most of all the volunteers who can stand proud in that they have actively participated in the perpetuation of our rich Canadian military history.





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